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The Yellow Book 

An Illustrated Quarterly 
Volume I April, 1894 

London : Elkin Mathews @f John Lane 

Price Five Shillings Net 

Contributors to Volume I. 

(To appear on Monday, April 16th.) 


Max Beerbohm 

Arthur Christopher Benson 

Hubert Crackanthorpe 

Ella D'Arcy 

John Davidson 

George Egerton 

Richard Garnett 

Edmund Gosse 

Henry Harland 


John Oliver Hobbes 
Henry James 
Richard Le Gallienne 
George Moore 
George Saintsbury 
Fred. M. Simpson 
Arthur Symons 
William Watson 
Arthur Waugh 


Sir Frederick Leighton, P.R.A. 
Aubrey Beardsley J. T. Nettleship 

R. Anning Bell Joseph Pennell 

Charles W. Furse Will Roihenstein 

Laurence Housman Walter Sickert 

The Bodley Head 

Vigo Street, \Y. 

The Yellow Book 

An Illustrated Quarterly 

THE aim of the Publishers and Editors of The Yellow 
Book is to depart as far as may be from the bad old 
traditions of periodical literature, and to provide an 
Illustrated Magazine which shall be beautiful as a piece 
of boolcmaking, modern and distinguished in its letter- 
press and its pictures, and withal popular in the better sense of the 
word. It is felt that such a Magazine, at present, is conspicuous 
by its absence. 

IN point of mechanical excellence The Yellow Book will be 
as nearly perfect as it can be made. The present announce- 
ment shows the size and shape of the paper (now being especially 
woven) on which it will be printed, as well as the type that will 
be used, and the proportion of text and margin. It will contain 
256 pages, or over, and will be bound in limp yellow cloth. 

AMONGST the artists who will contribute drawings are 
Sir Frederick Leighton, P.R.A., Aubrey Beardsley, 
R. Anning Bell, Charles W. Furse, L. B. Goold, 
Maurice Greiffenhagen, William Hyde, Laurence Hous- 
iviAN, J. T. Nettleship, J. Bernard Partridge, Joseph 
Pennell, Will Rothenstein, Walter Sickert, Wilson 
Steer, Alfred Thornton, and others. The pictures will in 
no case serve as illustrations to the letter-press, but each will 
stand by itself as an independent contribution. Among the 
features of this department will be a series of new and artistic 
book-plates. In the matter of reproduction care will be taken to 
secure the finest possible results — results which, it is hoped, will 
surpass even the best obtained in France and America. 

THE following is an incomplete list of those who will con- 
tribute articles, stories, and poems to The Yellow 
Book : — 

E. Trelawny Backhouse Henry James 

Max Beerbohm Lionel Johnson 

A. C. Benson Richard Le Gallienne 

Hubert Crackanthorpe Stanley V. Makower 

Ella D'Arcy Theo Marzials 

John Davidson George Moore 

Austin Dobson Walter Pater 

Menie Muriel Dowie Elizabeth Robins Pennell 

Ernest Dowson Richard Pryce 

George Egerton Ernest Rhys 

Lanoe Falconer George Saintsbury 

Michael Field Charles Sibley 

Jean de France Oswald Sickert 

Norman Gale * F. M. Simpson 

Richard Garnett Arthur Symons 

Edmund Gosse Netta Syrett 

Kenneth Grahame Beerbohm Tree 

Frederick Greenwood William Watson 

Henry Harland Arthur Waugh 

Frank Harris Charles Whibley 

John Oliver Hobbes W. B. Yeats 

Selwyn Image I. Zangwill 

IT will be seen from this that it is the intention of The 
Yellow Book to present a fresh, brilliant, varied, and divert- 
ing table of contents. In many ways its contributors will employ 
a freer hand than the limitations of the old-fashioned periodical 
can permit. It will publish no serials ; but its complete stories 
will sometimes run to a considerable length in themselves. Thus 
the tiresome "choppy" effect of so many magazines will be 
avoided. And while The Yellow Book will seek always to 
preserve a delicate, decorous, and reticent mien and conduct, it 
will at the same time have the courage of its modernness, and not 
tremble at the frown of Mrs. Grundy. 

ALTOGETHER, it is expected that The Yellow Book 
will prove the most interesting, unusual, and important pub- 
lication of its kind that has ever been undertaken. It will be 


Charming, it will be daring, it will be distinguished. It will be a 
book — a book to be read, and placed upon one's shelves, and read 
again ; a book in form, a book in substance ; a book beautiful to 
see and convenient to handle ; a book with style, a book with 
finish ; a book that every book-lover will love at first sight ; a 
book that will make book-lovers of many who are now indifferent 
to books. 


HE Yellow Book will contain no advertisements other than 
publishers' lists. 

THE first volume of The Yellow Book will be published 
on April 16, 1894. Subsequent volumes will appear on the 
15th of July, the 15th of October, the 15th of January, and so 
from quarter to quarter, it is hoped, ad infinitum. 

THE subscription to The Yellow Book will be one pound 
a year. The price of each volume separately will be five 
shillings net. 

Price £1 a Year 
or 5-r. a Quarter 

Form of Order 



Please enter name as Subscriber 

to The Yellow Book for one year, and forward the 
Parts to quarterly as issued. 







Vol. I. 


"& John